——————  Organizers  ——————

China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA)

China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce (APCC)

International Trade Branch of China Fisheries Association

Co-organizer: Global Seafood Alliance (GSA)

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01 Exhibition Location Advantages

Guangdong has been the largest province of aquatic product consumption and production for many years. It is a extraordinary market place with a favorable market environment. As a leading place of domestic and foreign trade, Guangzhou has the geographical advantage of linking not only domestic and foreign but also radiating the whole country.


02 Excellent Service Team

The whole team of the organizing committee of China Food Trade Fair, who have been deeply engaged in the field of food ingredients for many years. We are the most professional and specialized in food materials exhibition files.


03 Online Marketing, Offline Sales, Dual Channels

There are more than 600,000 registered users on the online marketing exhibition platform of Chinas Food Trade Fair - Yizhao-food material WeChat program. The group company Liang Zhi Long has been deeply engaged in the food industry for 30 years, and the offline sales network covers the whole country.


04 Large Number of Trade Buyers

Over 600,000 trade buyers accumulated by China Food Material E-commerce Festival over the years,50% of which come from Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Shandong and other key fishery provinces.


05 Authoritative Forums and Onsite Activities

Several summit forums and exchanges will be held during show days. Many well-known overseas and nationwide experts will be invited to analyze and explain the latest industry standards and share the future development trends.