——————  Organizers  ——————

China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA)

China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce (APCC)

International Trade Branch of China Fisheries Association

Co-organizer: Global Seafood Alliance (GSA)

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Global Seafood Trade Fair 2024 will be held at the China Import & Export Fair Complex (Area D), Guangzhou from June 20th to 22nd , 2024. It is hosted by China Aquatic Product Processing and Marketing Association, International Trade Branch of China Fisheries Association and China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce, organized by Guangzhou Shihedao Network Technology Co.,Ltd, and co-organized by Global Seafood Alliance.

Global Seafood Trade Fair 2024 will be upgraded and expanded, with an exhibition area of  40,000 square meters. The exhibition scope are three major categories, including seafood, pre-made foods, import and export of pre-made foods. We will focus on hot topics such as deep sea aquaculture, aquatic product processing and sustainable development, global shrimp development, and import and export of Chinese pre-made dishes, actively respond to the construction of National Blue Grain Warehouse, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the marine industry. Besides, we will integrate global resources, explore the liberalization and facilitation of seafood trade, and promote the export of Chinese pre-made dishes, especially aquatic products.

Global Seafood Trade Fair promotes the sinicization of global cuisine and the globalization of Chinese cuisine. It will actively introduce high-quality seafood and seafood suppliers from around the world, and collaborate with domestic food ingredient factories and major cuisine masters to innovate new Chinese cuisine, which could contribute to publicity of food ingredients and domestic market expansion. Whats more, since Global Seafood Trade Fair is based on the strong research and development and processing capabilities of over 10,000 food ingredient factories of the Liang Zhi Long · China Food Trade Fair, it can promote Chinese pre-made dishes of aquatic products to sell globally, making Chinese cuisine shared by the world and the Chinese cuisine shared by the world!

We will invite 40,000 professional visitors from domestic catering chains, food ingredient manufacturers, distributors, as well as international catering brands, traders, and import and export service providers to the trade fair. By buying and selling globally, providing broad market opportunities and precise docking platforms for global seafood suppliers and international traders, seafood products from ASEAN countries will be exhibit the at market efficiently. We will continuously improve the professionalism and internationalization of the Global Seafood Trade Fair, and lead the global seafood industry in new food trends.