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 Global Seafood Trade Fair 2024 Promotion & Reception
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Global Seafood Trade Fair 2024 Promotion & Reception will be held in Chengyang Impression Hotel in Qingdao City on October 25. We will introduce the preparation of Global Seafood Trade Fair 2024, gathers industry consensus, so as to bring a spectacular, popular, and effective seafood industry event to the industry.

This event will be hosted by Ms. Zhu Dong, General Manager of Liangzhilong International Business Department, and attended by guests such as Zhu Changliang, founder of the Global Seafood Trade Fair and Liang Zhi Long · China Food Trade Fair, Steven Hart, Vice President of the Global Aquatic Alliance, and Wei Tongrong, founder of "Yu Ni Zai Yiqi". , as well as more than 40 company leaders and representatives of seafood suppliers from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries.