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Global Seafood Trade Fair 2024 Promotion & Reception was held in Guangzhou on Nov 13th.
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2024 Global Seafood Trade Fair Promotion and Reception was held in Guangzhou, on November 13, 2023, attended by Mr. Zhu Changliang, founder of Liang Zhi Long · China Food Trade Fair and Global Seafood Trade Fair, Huang Jiansheng, President of Guangzhou Panyu Frozen Foodstuffs Association, Li Huang, General Manager of Guangzhou Nansha Xueyin Pre-made Food Import and Export Co., Ltd., Zhu Changliang, Founder of Liang Zhi Long · China Food Trade Fair and Global Seafood Trade Fair, Zhong Shukun, General Manager of Guangzhou Yushan Storage Co., Ltd, Cheng Qiuhua, General Manager of Wuhan Silian Co., Ltd.,  Shen Jiwen, Chief Representative of Seafood Guide Editor, and some local merchants in Daluotang cold storage warehouse.

Mr. Zhu Changliang delivered a speech. He said, its a stock market for import and export food ingredients at present. In terms of food ingredient enterprises,  reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and giving profits to customers are particularly important. The key is to integrate the supply chain with ecological forces, making the supply chain stronger. It is a starting point that Global Seafood Trade Fair based on.

The Global Seafood Trade Fair is a service platform to meet the demand of food ingredient trade, connecting multiple businesses such as food ingredients, logistics, finance, procurement, etc., so as to create more efficient cooperation.

Huang Jiansheng, President of Guangzhou Panyu Frozen Foodstuffs Association, delivered a speech. He said that the Global Seafood Trade Fair is a professional exhibition for frozen food industry and an important platform for industry exchange. In the future, we will further deepen cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and contribute to the development of the food ingredient industry.