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Brunei, China forge wide-ranging collaboration in aquaculture sector: senior official
Source:https://english.news.cn/ | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-11-21 | 245 Views | Share:

Brunei and China have forged wide-ranging cooperation in the aquaculture sector, particularly in seafood products, Tutiaty Abdul Wahab, Brunei's permanent secretary of the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, said on Thursday.

In her opening remarks for the 2nd Fishery Science Workshop organized by Hiseaton Fisheries Sdn Bhd, the permanent secretary acknowledged that partnership between Brunei and China in the aquaculture sector "is consistent with our drive to improve productivity and to increase competitiveness which will enable our products and services to penetrate the export market."

"Brunei Darussalam is still very much open for more business and investment, especially those that can bring the latest environmentally responsible, super-high density farming technologies," she said.

The workshop is designed to improve public understanding and interest in the scientific knowledge of marine fishery, to provide internships for aquaculture procedures and practical operations for local students, and to set up a platform to promote exchanges between fishery industries of China and Brunei, Wei Chengyu, managing director of Hiseaton Fisheries Sdn Bhd, told Xinhua.

Xiao Jianguo, Chinese ambassador to Brunei, said that he hopes such training programs can be carried out regularly and increasingly effective.

"I also hope that through these training sessions, participants from Brunei can gain insights and mastery of genetic resources and seed breeding technologies, thus boosting the local marine fish farming industry and promoting the sustainable development of fisheries in Brunei," he added.